3 steps of steel strip production


3 steps of steel strip production

The production of steel strip is a combination of a series of complex processes. The layman does not fully understand these processes. However, as an understanding of the packaging industry, we will share with you the steps of steel strip production today. The purchase of it helps. Steel strip production is generally divided into 3 steps:

1. Carry out pickling and decontamination of the entire roll of strip steel to achieve a bright and clean appearance. This is actually the same as the reason we make equipment, which is similar to the rust removal process before the equipment is produced.

2. After pickling, the cost of cleaning the site is carried out in the tank of ammonium chloride or zinc chloride aqueous solution or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride mixed aqueous solution tank, and then sent to the hot dip plating tank for galvanizing. This process is very important for the production of steel belts. Whether the steel belts are prone to rust is determined at this stage.

3. After the strip is galvanized, it will be loaded into the warehouse. The galvanized layer can be based on customer needs, usually not less than 500g/m2, and any sample shall not be less than 480g/m2. The precision of the coiling process is different for each manufacturer. Generally, steel strips are weighed by a whole ton, and the weight of each coil cannot be completely guaranteed. Therefore, users must buy steel strips by ton instead of by Volume purchase.

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