Automatic master coil wrapping machine for packing deep rolls and reels


master coil wrapping machine packing giant rolls and reels

The automatic master coil wrapping machine adopts a vertical packaging position. It is specially designed for high-performance through-type visual inspection of giant coils in the metal and non-ferrous metal wire industry, speciallized in packing deep steel coils and giant 7 wire PC strands.

The machine track frame is opened so that the coil can be easily placed in the machine before packaging. The electric film shuttle can apply a series of protective films or woven tapes on the coils, making the coils easy to pack, handle, store and transport after packaging. The coil master provides a highly flexible packaging solution that can efficiently and optimally package wires and harnesses.

master coil wrapping machine for sale

master coil wrapping machine

The basic characteristics:

  • Track wrapping material specially designed for large coil packaging: The wrapping material carrier passes through the center of the coil along the track.
  • The special roller station is used for the loading and unloading of the coil, which is safe and reliable. Multiple roller stations can be used for efficient packaging.
  • High production volume of modern enterprises.
  • Automatic operation using PLC and HMI interface. Easy operation by entering OD. ID. The width of the coil and the correction parameters, and other parameters will be automatically set by the PLC.
  • Manual and automatic working modes can be selected.
  • The overlap degree of the strapping can be adjusted by the converter.
  • The height of the wrapping paper can be adjusted by the motor to position the center according to different diameters.
  • The automatic manipulator feeds and cuts packaging materials.
  • Electrical sensors used for car positioning.
  • Guardrail, soft start and soft stop function to ensure safe operation.
  • The tension of the packaging film is adjustable.
  • The roller is wrapped with polyurethane.
  • When a failure occurs, the indicator will automatically alarm.
  • Optional: Additional roller stations can be used to improve packaging efficiency.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Object material: steel coil/wire coil
  2. Roll width (W): 700-2000mm
  3. Coil outer diameter (OD): 1100-2200mm
  4. Coil inner diameter (ID): ID≥450mm
  5. Coil weight: 1000-30000kg
  6. Packaging material: PE/PVC stretch film/plastic tape: ID: 76mm, OD: 100-250mm, width 250mm
  7. Shutter speed: about 2-3m/sec
  8. Overlap rate: 20%~90% adjustable
  9. Output power: about 11.0kw
  10. Power supply: 380V, three-phase five-wire
  11. Air source: 6~8kgf/cm2
  12. Effective working hours: 7200 hours/year

Operation process:

  • Load the coils onto the roller table with cranes, C-hooks, forklift walking beams, coil carts or conveyors.
  • The wrapping paper loaded with the coil is moved to the roller station. The wrapper positions itself. Adjust the height of the U-shaped guide rail to adapt to different coil diameters so that the packaging material distribution shuttle passes through the center of the coil.
  • The U-shaped track is closed.
  • Use manual or automatic manipulators to fix the packaging material on the coil.
  • The packaging starts automatically.
  • After the packaging is completed, use a manual/automatic manipulator to seal the material.
  • The packaging paper is moved to another press roller station for the next packaging (optional).
  • Unload the packaged coil, and then reload the next coil for new packaging.


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