Pallet stretch wrapping machine basic maintenance skills


Pallet stretch wrapping machine basic maintenance skills

Make good use of the maintenance skills of the pallet winding and wrapping machine, which is very beneficial to the production efficiency in the production process and the service life of the equipment, so that customers can earn more profits and better guarantee the quality and performance of the pallet wrapping machine equipment. Here is a brief introduction to some maintenance techniques of the winding machine.

Generally speaking, for the daily maintenance of the pallet wrapping machine, we generally divide it into three steps: lubrication of various parts, regular cleaning of the parts and daily basic maintenance; the quality of daily maintenance directly affects the service life of the winding machine, so for the winding machine The maintenance of machine equipment should be carefully and carefully step by step.

First of all, for any mechanical equipment, lubrication is the key to the normal operation of various parts. When lubricating the pallet wrapping machine, we must pay attention to:

1. The manufacturer shall regularly fill the moving parts of the stretch wrapping machine with lubricating oil, insist on regular refueling, and be responsible for its own machinery and equipment;

2. For the pallet wrapping machine, when adding lubricating oil, be careful not to drop the oil on the transmission belt to prevent slipping or premature aging of the belt;

3. For the pallet wrapping machine, the reducer is an important part of the equipment. The reducer is strictly prohibited to run without oil. When the winding machine is first used, the reducer should be cleaned and oiled after 300 hours of operation.

Note: The choice of lubricating oil is equally important. The quality of the lubricating oil will also affect our stretch wrapping machine. Daily work is not just the addition of lubricating oil. Especially for the food industry, cleaning the machine is also very important. Effective cleaning can not only extend the service life of the winding packaging equipment, but also ensure the safety and health of the food quality.



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