Plastic pipe bagging and packing machine


PVC pipe bundle forming and packing by bags

The plastic tube/pipe bagging machine is used to send a bundle of tubes into a plastic bag to make it well sealed for packaging. It can be integrated with the strapping machine as an automatic packaging line. The mechanical system is composed of feeding system, pipe counting system, plastic bag making, roll filling system and unloading system. It’s widely used in the PVC pipe making industry.

Plastic pipe bundle bagging and packing line

Plastic pipe bundle bagging and packing line

Your benefit by using this machine:

  • System modular structure;
  • Mechanical bagging is more efficient than manual bagging;
  • Wide application range, special size products will have special design;
  • Humanized design and manufacturing will not cause the risk of product damage;
  • Very low cost of consumables and energy;
  • The machine runs at a low noise level;
  • The machine is equipped with a quick-change dispenser for packaging materials;

Machine’s Work process:

  1. Load the tube/pipe bundle into the feeding conveyor for bagging.
  2. Transfer the tube/pipe bundles to the bagging station one by one.
  3. Automatically make bags and fill them into the bags through pipes.
  4. Move the bag to the next station for front tapping.
  5. The bagged bales are pushed into the aggregate cart/basket.

Basic Features of each part:

(1) Feeding system (storage and transfer)

  • The conveyor with coils is the front-end equipment of the bagging system.
  • Adopting horizontal conveying technology to ensure that products enter the bagging station smoothly.
  • Bag material: PP woven

(2) Bagging machine

  • Automatic woven bag production.
  • It can be adjusted according to the outer diameter of different bales.
  • Both sides of the bag are sealed with a machine: the end is sealed with stitches. The front side is sealed with glue.
  • Automatic bag roll feeding, used for bag making and strapping filling
  • Automatically fill the tube bundle into the bag.
  • Easy to operate, accurate and fast bagging.
  • The packaging material used is a rolled tube material.
  • Accurately and automatically grab, bag and seal.
  • Automatically set and fix one end of the bundle.

(3) Discharge system

  • This is the back-end equipment of the bagging machine, which can put the product into the polymerization cart.
  • Provide layout design for the collection cart according to the user’s needs.

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