Rotating arm stretch wrapping machine for shrink wrapping pallets by stretch film


It’s very economical to choose this pallet wrapper, simple style and cheap price but very useful and helpful for packing pallets by stretch wrapping. Free your hands fron heavy workload and save more time to do other things that is more meaningful and important.

This rotary arm pallet wrapper is different from other types of arm stretch wrapping machine. This particular machine has only one post( column), which the style is very less required for the space. Any small and cosy environment would be possible for fitting this machine.

But it not just a simple, but also powerful. Almost like other roatry arm pallet wrapper, this stretch wrapping machine is capable to wrap 1.2*1.2m standard pallets with the height within 2m. The machine is fixed by dead weight which means it’s very convenient to remove and place the different palces where it’s needed.

The machine rotates about 12-15rpm speed, enough to catch up the speed of small workshops. For more, it avoids the workers to suffer from backache and other injuries as there will be no need for bending their bodies.



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