Suspension Type Turning Machine


Suspension Type Turning Machine-min

This turning mechanism can effectively solve various overturning problems, solve various problems encountered in the welding process of large workpieces, avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, effectively improve production efficiency, ensure production safety, and greatly reduce the flipping costs for the investors.

Equipment features:

  • The equipment adopts remote control operation, which has the characteristics of no slipping and no reverse rotation when turning large and special-shaped objects.
  • With the function of 360°rotation of objects, it can be flipped to any angle as required, easy to operate, flexible and reliable to use.
  • The equipment is controlled by remote control, the operator can operate away from the overturned objects, has the characteristics of light lifting and light falling and turning freely.
  • The equipment has the function of moving, and there is no need to move large workpieces. The equipment can be moved to the site of the overturned object and then turned over.
  • The equipment adopts the back-suspension chain to fix and suspend the overturned objects, and the auxiliary chain or hoisting belt can also be replaced according to the irregular shape and size of the overturned objects.
  • Auxiliary grooved wheels and lifting belts can be replaced for special objects, so that there is no lifting trace on the turned objects.
  • The use of this equipment can improve the turning efficiency and greatly reduce the cost for the investors.
  • The suspension-type turning machine can be used with hoist, and it can also be used with a crane to turn over at site. As long as the equipment can be lifted, it can be turned freely, which is convenient and quick.
  • The equipment can be turned over without being limited by the length, width, size and shape of the object.

Applicable industry:

This turning equipment has a wide range of application, and can be applied to the hoisting and turning of electric power, ships, docks, machinery manufacturing, steel structure production, stone processing, electric vehicles and other production industries.



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