The purchase of a shrink wrap packer


thermal sleeve sealing shrink wrap packer machine
  1. Purpose of the assignment: purchase of a shrink wrap packer for 18 liters.
  2. Description of equipment: The machine is designed to create a group transport packaging of products in a tray or on a substrate with subsequent shrink film packaging.
  3. Technical requirements:The maximum line speed for bottling is 18,000 bph. Type of bottled product: water-alcohol mixture (vodka, liqueur, tinctures) Type of packaged product: glass bottle Bottle volume, l: 0.25; 0.5; 0.7; 1.0. Number of bottles in a package 6; 12; 20. Bottle shape: cylindrical. Packing format (see Appendix 2). Productivity, packs per minute: 55; The size of the formed block (box), mm. Min 281 x 224 x 144 Max 306 x 231 x 339. Film type: shrink film. Film thickness, microns no more than 80. Film roll width, maximum, mm 500.
  4. Machine requirements- This machine must work in automatic mode and include:
  • – friendly HMI-interface with a touch-panel with a diagonal of at least 10 inches with a cover of shock-resistant glass;
  • – a security system, including light curtains and interlocks to prevent injury to service personnel and damage to equipment;
  • Formats must be unlocked with at least 70 cells.
  • General requirements for the sleeve sealing shrink wrapping machine
  • 4.1 The supplied equipment must be new. The date of release of the equipment is confirmed by a technical passport, information on the nameplate (nameplate). The nameplate should include information: manufacturer, model, date of issue, serial number.
  • 4.2 The equipment should not show any signs of operation, except for the operations associated with the test.
  • 4.3 The following documentation should be included with the equipment:
  • – instruction (manual) for operation, maintenance and installation, containing a technical description and a catalog of parts;
  • Operating conditions

Operation of the equipment in a closed production room with a relative humidity of 15-75% and a temperature of 13-30C.

The equipment must have:

  • – Convenient human-machine interface (HMI) for convenient operation and receiving all the information necessary for the operator in Russian;
  • – the possibility of establishing new formats without involving the manufacturer’s specialists;
  • – a light and sound column confirming the current state of the equipment;
  • – emergency stop buttons, door limit switches and other mechanisms ensuring safe operation and maintenance of equipment;
  • – a set of spare parts (if provided by the manufacturer).

Packaging and Shipping Requirements

  • The packaging must be carried out by the manufacturer, based on the specifications developed by him.
  • Packaging should ensure the safety of the equipment and protect it from mechanical damage during loading and transportation.
  • Documentation, packing lists must be placed in waterproof packaging.
  • The packaging must be marked with a transport mark.

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