Why the pile turner is a key machine for the printing


Why the pile turner is a key machine for the printing

The pile turner is belonging to the turnover machine which has the same function of flipping pallet loads and change wooden shipping pallets to plastic system pallets just like the pallet inverter does. But this pile turner is a more specific turnover machine which is designed for the use in paper printing industry.

Use before printing:

1. It can remove paper lint, paper scraps and other impurities, improve the surface quality of the paper to be printed, and reduce the possibility of double feeding; due to the improvement of the paper surface quality, the efficiency of the printing machine can be increased by 3%-5%, which improves Labor productivity;

2. It can replace pre-coded paper, saving time and effort; at the same time, it can be used for double-sided printing;

3. Greatly reduce the entry of impurities such as paper wool and paper scraps into the printing machine, and extend the life of the printing machine;

4. A substantial decrease in waste and defective products caused by impurities such as paper wool and paper scraps can increase the yield of 2%-3%.

Used after printing, transfer station, paper cutting and die cutting:

1. It can remove powder spray, speed up ink drying, and quickly reduce the odor of printed sheets due to ink solvents (this is very important for food packaging);

2. Prevent the occurrence of quality problems such as sticking and smearing on the back;

3. Save a lot of manpower. It takes about 3-5 minutes to arrange a stack of paper (depending on the specific paper conditions).

★One paper pile turner machine can supply 2-3 printing mechanism paper and whole paper at the same time. Every two printing presses can save one paper breaker.

★Our company provides 7×24 hours of after-sales tracking service, and promises that if the equipment is greatly improved or updated in the future, our company will provide modification and upgrade services for free.



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