XPS insulation foam panel and boards packed by thermo shrink wrapping machine


XPS insulation foam panel stretch wrapping

XPS insulation foam panel shrink wrapping

Started as polystyrene crystals the XPS insulation is a very practical material used in construction and decoration for insulation of buildings. It’s mixed with some special additives and the gas blowing agent, the blended and melted to thick liquid. After processing by a die, the liquid expanded into foam and then to be extruded shaped and cooled. The cooled products will be trimmed finally to rectangualr or square shapes with certain dimensions.

The XPS insulation foam panel is better to be packed by thermo shrink wrapping machine, becasue it’s more efficient and effective. The shrink wrapped package is also more tight and nice to sell. Before packaging, workers could stack the panels one over another to make a big bundle when palce the bundle on the in-feed conveyor. It will be wrapped with PE contractable film and then to shrink through heat oven chamber.



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