Pallet inverter

Pallet inverter and pallet tipper machines are turn over machine made for specifically to flip loads on pallets. The function of the machine is variant, the main purpose of the machine is to change the pallets between wooden shipping pallets and plastic santiary pallets. They are also used to replace the damaged products like cartons and bags which is at the bottom, no need to unstack the whole load. In the cold chain industry, the pallet changer is also available to work as a pallet retriever to remove the freezer spacer frozen with cartons before shipping.

180 degree pallet inverter to flip heavy loads on pallets and exchange pallets
  • Efficient flipping machine to turn over loads on pallet 180 degree;
  • Optional to have dual clamp make the loads are clamped and centralized;
  • Hydraulic system to provide sufficient power to the machine;
  • Both local operation panel and remote control are available to control the machine;
  • Flexible to make customized design and structure to achieve the ideal performance.
Turn over degree90°/180°
Max load1/2/3 tons
Platform sizeCustomized
Turn over speed50-65 sec/180°
Power supply380V/50Hz/3Ph
Pallet changer pallet tipper pallet rotator machine
  • Efficient pallet turning machine to tilt pallet loads 110 degree for exchanging pallets;
  • Top pressing platen to clamp the loads, keep it stationary at flipping;
  • Independent pallet flipping board motion to replace the pallets after turn over;
  • Safety guard surround the pallet changer machine to prevent alliens to get inside;
  • Two side panels to hug the loads, prevent the possible falling of certain cases like stacked cartons, bags and bottles which are easy to scatter.
Turn over degree110°
Max load1/2 tons
Platform sizeCustomized
Turn over speed1.5-2 min/time
Power supply380V/50Hz/3Ph

More accessories and special design or customization are acceptable, welcome to contact our team with your specific requirement and data information.