pallet side strapping machine

Introduction to Sword Strapping Machine


What is Sword type strapping machine? Sword-type balers are specially designed for pallet and pallet packaging, and are a good helper for export products. It is widely used in foreign trade export, furniture, electronic and

new technology of pallet stretch wrapping machine

Technical upgrade plan for stretch wrapping machine equipment


At present, Industry 4.0 is developing internationally, and Internet+ is being researched and developed in China. The two development directions have one thing in common, that is, the Internet and intelligent industrial production and marketing.


Features of bearing packaging machine


 1. The control unit is composed of a servo motor, a servo drive and a large screen display. The control accuracy is extremely high. The intelligent control system makes all parameters easy to set

beverage tray sleeve shrink wrapping machine

Sleeve sealing shrink wrap machine for bottles on trays


1. Using international advanced control components, stable and durable performance; 2. The sealing knife adopts a special design, the sealing is firm, does not crack, and does not stick to the knife; 3. Automatic feeding,

steel bar stretch wrapping machine

Rebar steel bar wrapping machine


The steel bar wrapping machine is specially designed for the steel bar industry. It can automatically wrap steel bars or pipes in bundles through protective materials (for example, plastic tape, VCI film, etc.), so as