Fully automatic turning and wrapping line for slit coils


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We are making slit coil automatic packing line for steel coil factory, the main concepts of this whole packing line are as follows:

coil discharging machine for slit steel coils and copper coils
coil turnstile for steel strip coils and copper coils
  • After slitting, the slit coil will go into the turn style;
  • Steel coil down ender should automatically pick up narrow coils from turn style;
  • Radial strapping shall be done automatically with coils (Eye to Sky) using 19 mm PET material;
  • Coil weighing should occur at this phase;
  • The wrapping of the coil shall be carried out after weighing;
  • The wrapped steel coils should be stacked on the pallet one by one and centered;
  • Once the coils are stacked on the pallets, the coil strapping should be done automatically using 32mm metal straps and pallets;
  • A buffer table should be provided;
  • After the coils are packed, the pallet is moved for dispatch.

The whole line is consisted of turn style machine, coil downender machine and coil wrapping machine as well as automatic coil stacking machine and pallet strapping machine. Coil packaging is proceeded by wrapping which the packaging material is going through the eye of steel coils. Different material are available to choose including VCI tape, stretch film, composite paper and knit belts.

The full specification of this slit coil automatic packing line is as below:

  1. Coil minimum outer diameter — 900 mm.
  2. Coil maximum outer diameter —1600 mm.
  3. Coil inner diameter — 500 to 508 mm.
  4. Maximum Coil Weight —- 5 MT.
  5. Maximum pallet weight after stacking — 10 MT.
  6. 19 MM PET strapping is suitable for all radial strapping of coils.
  7. After all coils are stacked on pallets, 32 MM metal final strapping is done.
  8. Down End Supplier Range.
  9. We offer 4 arm swivel styles.
  10. Slit coil size minimum – 25 mm, maximum 400 mm.
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