Southworth Pallet Handling Equipment of Pallet Inverter and Spring Actuated Level Loader


Southworth pallet inverter pallet tipper machine

Faced with the transformation of consumption patterns and the upgrading of consumer goods, many types of supply chains have witnessed substantial growth in demand. Regardless of whether the product is delivered to the final consumer through the B2B or B2C supply chain model, and whether the order is placed online or face-to-face in a physical store, the goods will move at the physical level. For practitioners in some industries, the movement of goods is usually done on pallets. And pallet handling equipment can effectively help them move goods as part of this supply chain journey.

Southworth is a specialist supplier of pallet handling equipment, offering the most complete range of pallet levelers, pallet lifts and pallet handling products in the industry.

PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Pallet Turner
Southworth’s PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Pallet Turner is capable of handling palletized loads with dimensions up to 48″ x 48″ x 84″. It is a simple and sturdy pallet inverter machine designed to turn entire pallet loads. The pressure of its clamping mechanism is adjustable, it can easily secure loads up to 4,400 pounds and rotate the entire load (pallet + goods together) 180 degrees on a large and wear-resistant turret bearing. The PalletPal Pallet Rotator/Pallet Turner eliminates manual re- Need to stack goods on pallet. It allows the operator to quickly replace damaged goods at the bottom of the load without unstacking the whole load, and can also be used to quickly replace damaged pallets. In addition, this pallet inverter can also achieve other uses, such as transferring loads and switch to internal pallets or shipping pallets, or transfer loads from pallets to skids, sheets or plates.

360 Spring Pallet Positioner Man-Removing-Boxes-Off-Of-Pallet-Positioner
360 Spring Pallet Positioner Man-Removing-Boxes-Off-Of-Pallet-Positioner

Spring Actuated Level Loader/Spring Pallet Positioner Southworth’s flagship product is the spring-loaded level loader, which revolutionizes traditional manual pallet handling. The original spring level loader was introduced by Southworth in 1988 and has been continuously improved ever since. Although it’s a very simple piece of equipment, a spring-loaded level loader maintains a palletized load at the ideal height for stacking or unstacking a pallet load. It can reduce the number and amplitude of bends for workers, thereby reducing waist strain and reducing the risk of work-related injuries such as back injury. Its swivel function also allows workers to stand in the same place and continue loading and unloading goods without having to move back and forth. This greatly reduces the physical exertion of workers and also improves the efficiency of cargo loading and unloading.

In addition to spring levelers, Southworth’s range of pallet levelers and pallet handling equipment has grown to include a variety of products including air bag levelers, operator controlled levelers, pallet truck accessible levelers, pallet lifts etc., all designed to make pallet handling and transfer loading and unloading faster, safer and easier.

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