Using C Hook is An Easy Way for Lifting Steel Coils


C hook for lifting steel coils

The C hook is mainly used for lifting steel coils in horizontal position. Because its shape resembles the literal C, so it is called a C-type hook. It is widely used in hot-rolled strip mills and cold-rolled strip mills in steel industry. It is also suitable for lifting various horizontal coils at train stations, ports, docks, and large steel coil factories. This product is made of high-strength steel, has a compact structure, is safe, reliable, and has a long service life, can meet the requirements of different occasions.

UVI anti-rust stretch wrapped wire coils

The C-shaped steel coil lifting hook has many advantages. It can lift steel coils without any damage to the coil surface. Designers combined the use requirements and adopted scientific structural design, so that the product can perform lifting operations flexibly and reliably. When using a C hook, the user only needs to slightly adjust the hook to hang the steel coil in the air, which reduces the user’s labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

loading steel coils to V saddle of coil transverser and coil upenders by C hook-min

C hooks are mainly used in steel, mining, electric power, shipping, transportation and other industries to lift steel plates, steel pipes, steel coils and other important items. The C hook can be customized according to different steel coil specifications to adapt to various lifting tasks. It’s also the matchable tool for loading heavy coils and rolls to the V saddle of Coil Transverser and Coil Upender machines. The surface of the product is spray-coated with baking paint, which makes it resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear. It is equipped with a series of product quality inspection certificates such as strength test certificates and experimental reports, making users feel more at ease.

When using C hooks, we attach great importance to safety issues, because safety is the most important during lifting. Our products not only improve work efficiency, but also ensure the safety of lifting operations. When using C hooks, users must have certain lifting experience and technical level, and our products also minimize their own quality problems to achieve the highest safety performance.

C-shaped steel coil lifting hook
★ Main purpose: Lifting steel coils in horizontal position
★ Load range: 0-22 tons
★ Safety factor: 3 times
★ Made of low-carbon high-quality alloy steel
★ For loads ≤3 tons, use Type I; for loads >3 tons, use Type II
★ Special shapes can be designed according to requirements
★ Safe, reliable and long service life
★ Suitable for lifting operations in various industrial fields

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