The Drum Shape Coil Tipper


Coil-upender-and -tilter-FZ-CT-20

Drum shape coil tipper is an unique turning machine for coils. It has the round shape turning body with two platforms built on it. Applied to the turn over of heavy steel coils, rolls, bobbin and spools….

Function: Turn the steel coil or aluminum coil from horizontal to vertical, prevent unwinding and rewinding, and facilitate transportation and storage. Create a better position for loading the coils to facilities like decoilers easily by hoist and crane loading.

Structure: Including base, turning device, driving mechanism and electric control system.

3 steps of steel strip production

The turning device includes a rotating body, a positioning device and a chain. The arc turning body includes an arc section and a coil receiving section, and the arc section includes two arc slideways and a chain, a chain and a sprocket with a sprocket chain transmission mechanism arranged in the arc slideways; the steel coil contact surface It includes a first containing surface and a second containing surface, the first containing surface is set on a bracket, and a wear-resistant pad is set on the bracket. The first receiving surface and the second receiving surface are perpendicular to each other, and the upper surface of the bracket is arranged in a V shape saddle. A travel switch is provided on the base.

The outer sides of the two arc-shaped slide rails are provided with fixing devices, the fixing devices are arranged on the base, and the fixing devices are used for fixing and guiding the moving direction of the arc-shaped slide rails.

The driving mechanism is composed of a motor, a reducer, a drive shaft and a sprocket. The driving shaft connected by the driving mechanism of the power mechanism is arranged on the base through the bearing seat, and the driving shaft and the driven shaft are close to the inner side of the bearing seat. Rollers are housed on the bearing housing, and the sprocket is installed on the inner side of the rollers on the driving shaft. The steel coil is turned over under the drive of the motor reducer.



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