steel coil transverser and cart

Electric Transverse for Coil Horizontal Transportation Trolley


Electric transverse for coil horizontal transportation trolley Introduction of Coil Transverser  Perfect Material Handling offers a wide range of Die Handling Products specifically designed for the unique needs of both stamping and molding and transporting

steel coil electrical transverser

Q&A of steel coil transverser


1.What Product Handling Applications Use Transfer Carts? 1. Coils (V-Groove deck) 2. Tanks (size/stability for uniformly distributed loads) 3. Assemblies (fixture cradle) for a complete build or to send a partially completed product to the next station (tractors,

Steel coil transfer car

Customization of Coil Transverser


The material handling vehicle can be designed to travel on steel rail bars or they can be operated directly on the floor of your facility 1Ton to 300 Ton capacity range Push and Pull operation


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