Container Flipper-Efficient Way for Loading and Unloading


container flipper

A container is a large, standardized, reusable cargo container. Container transportation is an organizational form in which goods are loaded into containers, and the container is used as a goods gathering (grouping) unit for loading, unloading, and transportation. It is an important innovation in the traditional loading, unloading and transportation process of single goods, and an important symbol of modern transportation. It has huge social and economic benefits. At present, container transportation has entered a new era characterized by world multimodal transportation, which is mainly transported by ocean-going ships and supplemented by railway transportation, road transportation, and air transportation.

In container loading and unloading operations, accessing the cargo in the container is the most serious productivity impact factor. Therefore, the container loading and unloading process must be inseparable from the container flipper. Container flippers are generally used in outdoor storage yards and for loading and unloading of bulk cargo. The metal structure is like a portal frame, carrying two straight posts installed under the main beam, and can also run directly on the ground track. It is used to improve loading and unloading efficiency and is mainly used in grain, oil, feed and other industries.

container flipper for fast grain loading
Container flipper for fast grain loading

The container turner is used for the unloading and loading of various granular bulk materials such as grain, plastics, iron filings, ore powder, coal, sugar, etc. It is suitable for railway freight yards, docks, mines, grain depots, coal yards and other places; Convenient operation, fast packing speed, low operating cost, two people can operate the entire operation process, saving manpower; the container can be flipped 90 degrees and erected, and any bulk materials can be filled by the belt conveyor, making the container fully filled. No waste of space, high filling rate.

Features of Container Flipper

  1. The device can be closed without limiting the length, width and shape of the workpiece.
  2. It has the function of rotating the workpiece and can be rotated to any angle as needed. It has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible and reliable use.
  3. It is light and flexible and does not require moving large workpieces. It moves the device into scenes that can be flipped.
  4. Replacing the auxiliary pulleys and lifting belts of special workpieces can prevent the turned workpieces from lifting traces.
  5. After lifting, the sling can be rotated to pass through narrow passages. The spreader can move 800mm left and right to facilitate box alignment and improve operating force during hoisting.

Using automobile transport can save a lot of time in automatic loading and unloading of bulk materials. By comparing manual unloading and container flipper unloading, it can be seen that the cost of manual unloading is much higher than that of a container flipper. With the emergence of mass production, manual unloading can no longer meet the needs of mass production.



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