What is The Use of A Pile Turner?


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For a long time, the paper feeding method in printing industry has been mainly manual handling, and the dust removal method is not ideal. Not only does it cause stains on the paper surface, a decrease in yield, but it also wastes a lot of labor. With the continuous improvement of printing quality requirements for modern printing products, higher requirements for paper processing have also been put forward, which has promoted the emergence of multi-faceted paper finishing equipment. The pile turner machine can automatically complete the process of sorting, loosening, dusting and turning the paper pile, which saves labor and avoids the impact of manual operations on the surface of the printed matter. It is an essential auxiliary equipment in the printing process.

Pile turner machine, also known as paper pile turning machine, its functions include paper turning, blowing, cleaning impurities, drying, alignment, paper breaking and paper loosening, and its uses are as follows:

Use before printing: It can clean impurities such as paper fluff and paper scraps, improve the surface quality of the paper to be printed, and reduce the possibility of double feeding; due to the improvement of the paper surface quality, the printing speed can be increased by 3%-5% , improve labor productivity.

Purpose of pile turner machine: (1) It can replace precoded paper, saving time and effort; it can also be used for double-sided printing; (2) It greatly reduces the situation of paper wool, paper scraps and other impurities entering the printing machine, extending the printing time(life) of the machine; (3) The waste and defective products caused by impurities such as paper wool and paper scraps are significantly reduced, which can increase the yield rate by 2%–3%.

Used after printing, transfer station, paper cutting and die-cutting: (1) It can clean the powder spray, speed up the drying of ink, and quickly reduce the odor caused by the ink solvent on the printed sheet (this is very important for food packaging); (2) Prevent quality problems such as sticky sheets and back dirt; (3) Save a lot of manpower.

It is understood that sheet-fed printing plants in European and American countries are generally equipped with several paper pile turner machines. Based on the current domestic labor and printing costs in China, the user’s return on investment period for one of our pile turner machine is only 6 months. However, the benefits reaped are long-term.

In terms of operation and use, the equipment occupies a small area, is easy to operate, is easy to learn and use, and has four major functions of paper straightening, paper loosening, dust removal, and pile flipping. The blowing is controlled independently by two fans, and the wind power is adjustable and can be selected according to needs. The vibration trays all adopt an integrated structure, and are connected to the turning body by a specially structured elastomer to ensure sufficient vibration intensity. It vibrates and also has the function of flushing paper. The equipped hydraulic system controls the turning of the paper pile and the pressure between the clamping plates to ensure the smooth operation of the machine during work. This equipment can complete the finishing work of a whole rack of paper within three minutes and is an indispensable auxiliary tool for printing plants.



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