Tips for maintaining the case packer machine in good condition


automatic carton box sealer machine

The case packer is an efficient machine which can handle huge amount of carton sealing packaging within a day, but it’s also often to have problems when the machine is not taking good care and regular maintenance. Today, if you read our tips and follow our tips, you will be able to keep your case packer running smoothly and get the most interest from the case packer machine.

Make a maintenance plan for doing the preventative check:

  • Good machine checking and inspection from the professional or special trained workers
  • Regularly change the wearing parts and keep an eye on these parts
  • Having the stock of the most wearing parts, just to prevent the shortage in future
  • Make the lubrication more frequent to reduce the wearing and machine damage

The case packer needs a regular maintenance to lower the risks of breaking down due to the wearing parts and other related factors. This could avoid to have major problems and strike of the unexpected downtime. But the maintenance  and inspection needs to be down by qualified personnel with the necessary skills of mechanical and electrical.

carton sealer case sealing machine

carton sealer case sealing machine

Making clear operation procedures and having your workers trained:

To avoid the possible and unexpected injuries, you need to make every step of the operation simpler, maybe with some instruction figures or signs. Having the workers to be trained could be helpful. The importance of these things is to reduce the work injuries and accidents from happening to reduce the time spend for dealing with the consequence. And, trained workers are more efficient with the operation of the case packer machine, making the benefits much higher.

No matter how much you paid to purchase the case packer can quickly be earned back by the lower labor costs. But if the machine breaks down or need major repairs you will be stuck paying more before you can actually recoup your investment. As you enjoy the benefits of your case packer machine, do not lose attention of its regular maintenance. To keep everything running like it should and cost-effective, follow the suggestions we listed in this article.



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