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roll handling equipment

There are many safety issues that can arise during the process of moving rolls, drums and reels. One of the major issues is the need to safely lift, rotate and turn these objects. For facilities with existing cranes and hoists, there are a number of hook attachments designed specifically for roll handling. Lift roll handling solutions are available in core clamping and jig clamping formats, allowing operators to easily lift and turn rolls, minimizing injuries and material damage while increasing production throughput.

For those without lifting equipment, we have a number of roll handling solutions designed to specific standards and with engineered safety factors to solve a variety of roll handling problems.

Roll upender

Core-grip roll handlers use a long shaft that inserts into the core of the roll and expands to fit the inner circumference. Move the roll from one point to another without changing the horizontal orientation of the roll. The shaft is installed inside the core and can move the roll up and down, front and back, and left and right. It can also turn, rotate and lift, from horizontal to vertical, and rotate in tight spaces or between different machines.

Bucket and roll clamping turner

Clamp-holding roll handlers use a clamping mechanism to clamp the outside of the roll. The clamp is installed on the outside of the drum, and the drum can be turned from horizontal to vertical, rotated in a small space or between different machines, etc.

Roll movers, trolleys are designed to safely transport rolls throughout the plant for safe drop-off and pick-up points without the need for a vast network of cranes or conveyors. Heavy-duty roll pushers are designed to safely push large rolls of material or large vehicles through your facility. These units are small, powerful and easy to operate. The manual trolley is equipped with a foot pedal-operated hydraulic lifting mechanism and a cradle-shaped platform to ensure safe transportation from point A to point B. The sturdy trolley features steel construction and powder coating to handle the heaviest loads with ease. There are a variety of options available, including quick-mount handlebars and self-stacking posts to prevent the cart from getting in the way when not in use. This reel trolley is the perfect complement to other reel and shaft handling systems.

Roll handling equipment can help eliminate safety hazards while increasing throughput. TIPPER has a long history of supplying lifts, turners and tilters for roll handling. Whether you need a flipper to adjust a roll from horizontal to eye level skyward, or a tilt table to remove rolls of paper, fabric or film from a winder/decoiler, we have a product to help you with the following tasks: Work faster, safer and easier.
TIPPER turners can be configured with a variety of platform sizes and types, including V-cradle or conveyor top, and can be equipped with solid plates or forks.



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