Pallet changer pallet tipper pallet rotator machine

The pallet changer uses inverting and tilting methods aimed to make it become the machine suitable for overhung sacks and drum shaped goods. It has been applied to cases with variant pallet sizes, poor quality pallets, unstable loads and sensitive goods.

The capacity of the pallet changers are about 40 loads for one hour. During the tilting process, the two plates at the side will clamp the goods to fix it. The machine tilts the load backwards to about 100 ° while the bottom pallets will be individually tilted back for the easy replacement at floor level.

180 degree pallet inverter to flip heavy loads on pallets and exchange pallets

The pallet tipper is using inverting method which loading process is carried out by forklift loading or pallet jack loading according to the design of specific machines. The machine holds the palletized loads from 3 sides before rotating it 180 °. After the rotation, the pallets will lie on the palletized goods which very easy to be replaced. It suitable for industries where the goods orientation on pallet is not necessary. For products like bagged cement, rice… operators can just place the target pallets directly on top of the goods to reverse it in just one turn. It can quickly replace the pallets and make whole work more faster.

The pallet changer and pallet tipper resemble each other, therefore they can be mentioned in the same breath. Pallet tipper is using inverting methods, rotate the goods 180 degrees to turn it upside down. Pallet changer is using tilting methods, to tilt the palletized loads to a certain angle (backwards only 100°). Both methods are normally used for robust goods, such as sacks, drums or bags, cartons and cardboard boxes. They are also ideal for the pallet changing with overhanging palletized loads.



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