Motor turner used in high-power electrical motor manufacturing


electrical motor turn over machine

High-power motors play an important role in industrial production. But this type of electrical motors are often customized due to their big sizes and super heavy weights. Different from the small motors, the production of high-power electrical motors are often transferred between different workshops instead of on one production line.

In order to accomplish the different procedures, the motor will also need to be turned within the whole process of production. But it’s really difficult for man power to finish the turn over tasks, besides the safety issues.

The motor turner is an upender machine mainly used for turning the large motors in motor production line. The machine has structure includes the base and the turning body connected by the dumpling chain. There are high quality supportive wheels used to support the turning body and bear the loads. Operator can load the motor carriage to the workbench of the motor turner by crane and hoist, make the 90 degree turn over smoothly just by pressing the button on the operation handle. The motor turner machine will make the motor carriage change from horizontal position to vertical or vertical position to horizontal. This upender machine is simple in structure, low in cost, high in work efficiency, safe and reliable. It’s really a practical and flexible handling equipment to be used for decreasing the labour intensity, improve work efficiency and reduce costs.



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