What should we do if the cylinder of the automatic sealing machine is broken?


automatic carton box sealer machine

The automatic carton sealing machine is a kind of equipment with a higher degree of automation among the box and carton tape sealing machine. This equipment can not only be used as a stand-alone machine, but also can be used in conjunction with a conveyor line. Be applicable.

However, the structure of the automatic tape sealing machine is slightly different from that of the ordinary tape sealing machine. It is mainly manifested in the cylinder. In the process of use, the pneumatic cylinder will also have some common failures. So how to deal with the cylinder failure of the automatic tape sealing machine?

1. Poor sealing. The pneumatic cylinder is a closed space. If air leakage is found during use, it is generally because the cylinder is not properly sealed. This situation usually occurs after the sealing machine has been used for a period of time.

2. There are impurities in the air. This problem is ignored by many users. The cylinder needs compressed air, but the poor quality of compressed air and impurities can cause fatal damage to the cylinder. Therefore, clean air is very necessary for the cylinder.

3. Regular maintenance and cleaning. For the pneumatic cylinder, its maintenance is actually very simple, but it is often overlooked. This requires the user to be responsible for the maintenance of the machine, and to be repaired and maintained as needed.


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