What are the different types of balers?


baler and strapping machine

Nowadays, there are more and more customers using balers on the market, but the types of balers are different, and the products packaged by different types of balers are also different. We only bring the general balers that use PP strap belt. However, there are also those that use PET strap belt or steel belt for packaging. Different packaging materials have different corresponding balers.

1. Manual balers: There are also many types of manual balers, PP belts, PET belts, and steel belts. Therefore, the types of manual balers are different, but the basic principles are the same. For example, the general manual baler is divided into two types: tensioner and locker. The baler is completed by these two machines. Therefore, we also know that the manual baler is more labor-intensive, but The operation of manual baler is relatively simple, and it is also more convenient to use. This kind of baler is generally suitable for customers with lower capacity;

2. Semi-automatic strapping machine, this kind of strapping machine is a semi-automatic equipment, that is, the product is placed on the workbench, and the strapping machine needs to be manually load. This kind of strapping machine can automatically tighten, bond and cut the belt , The only thing about the work of delivering the belt is that we need to manually carry the product for strapping. Now our dual-motor baler is a low failure rate strapping equipment. The general semi-automatic baler is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. .

3. Fully automatic strapping machine: This strapping machine is a fully automatic strapping equipment, without manual threading, the strap belt can be carried out directly by operating the button. It is a strapping machine equipment that combines threading, feeding and cutting. This baler has four modes of operation. Customers can choose different modes of operation according to their own methods. This baler is convenient, fast, and convenient. Efficient, and the frame can be designed according to the actual situation of the product.

4. Unmanned baler: This baler is mainly used in conjunction with the assembly line. The unmanned baler is mainly triggered by the photoelectric switch to automatically complete the strapping work. This baler is most suitable for the use of the assembly line.

5. Pressurized baler: This baler is mainly suitable for strapping relatively bulky goods. When choosing a pressurized baler, you must pay attention to selecting the appropriate cylinder, so as to ensure that our products are better strapped .

The above is a brief introduction of various types of balers.


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