Spring-Loaded Pallet Positioner makes Your Pallet Loading and Unloading Easier


Uline's spring-loaded pallet positioner

Uline’s spring-loaded pallet positioner is an ergonomic pallet handling solution suitable for loading and unloading goods in warehouses and assembly plants. It can keep items at the proper working height and reduce the pressure on the back caused by bending over. The 360-degree rotating carousel brings the work to you, perfect for unloading heavy cartons.

spring-loaded pallet positioner

With a 4,500-pound capacity, the spring-loaded pallet positioner is ideal for use in packaging plants, construction sites, and warehouses… Spring-loaded pallet positioners are easy to install without the aid of any tools. Simply remove the pin to release the damper and raise the positioner to its maximum height. Place the same pin into the track and insert it into the orange marked spring ring. The spring is locked in place by turning the tab clockwise and securing it with the safety lock.

In the event of large changes in pallet load weight, the operator can also reinstall the damper by loosening the pin. We can add and remove additional springs through the bayonet to adjust the load-bearing capacity of the spring tray positioner.

The use of spring-loaded positioners makes handling, loading and assembly of products in packages simple – it helps reduce workers’ painful bending, reaching and lifting movements, reducing injuries to the lower back. When in use, the operator only needs to use a forklift to place the pallet on the turntable. Spring-loaded positioners automatically maintain efficient and ergonomic height levels to ensure worker comfort and safety when handling cargo. Workers no longer need to walk back and forth around the pallet, but only need to have 360-degree access to the goods through the rotating table. This is a great feature that saves time and space while also greatly improving the safety of the work area.

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