BOP valve body upender /tipper and flipper


BOP valve body tipper and flipper
The BOP valve body is a necessary part for the pipe system which is involved in city infrastructure, mining, gas, petroleum…… many other industries. Like a joint it’s used to connect the different valves and metric and pipes to make the whole piping system.
During the manufacturing and innstallation of the BOP valve body, the turnover process is necessarily needed. But the BOP valve body usually is too heavy and big which may exceed 30 tons. How to flip this heavy and massive object is tough.
Workers usually can use the hoist with chains to tilt the BOP valve body, but it’s very dangerous and inefficient. Also, it requires 4 workers, which uses too many labours.
So, we made this mechanical upender specifically for the turnover of BOP valve bodies. This machine is driven by electrical motor with chain and gear system, smooth and slow motion is safe and powerful to tip heavy BOP bodies.

For a better and convenient operation, we also can place and install the BOP valve body upender inside a pit. This will make the operation level at the floor level, benefit the workers to load and unload to the upender.


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