Forklift Fork Clamps, 360 Degrees Rotating, Pallet Inverter


pallet inverter fork clamp

A fork clamp can be used as usual forks and fork positioners. But it is more flexible. This fork clamp helps forklift can handle various size of pallets, because the two forks can be adjusted by forklift hydraulic function. It also can clamp some materials in bags and bales without pallets. It’s a good and effective material handling equipment for logistic, transportation and production lines. Side shifting and rotating functions are available.
Fork clamp has 2 forks or 4 forks. A 4 forks clamp is similar with bale clamp, instead of two arms, 4 forks clamp has 2 pair forks. The fork clamp handles cargo without pallets and it also can switch material from one pallet to another pallet when it has rotating functions.


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