Briefly introduces the packaging method of aluminum profiles


Briefly introduces the packaging method of aluminum profiles

The brief introduction of the packaging method of aluminum profiles

1. Small bar: This is the small package which about 10 pieces of aluminum profile one small bar. Separate the aluminum profiles with kraft paper and pearl cotton and wrap them firmly to prevent scratches on the surface of the aluminum profiles. This method is relatively need manual work and is time consuming.

2. Big tie: It is estimated that the total volume of a big tie will not exceed 60cm x 60cm. The outer joint of the aluminum profile is sealed with kraft paper. The weight of each bundle of wrapping paper will not exceed 500kg. After each aluminum profile is wrapped by kraft paper, 2-3 metal straps will be used to fix the aluminum profile to make the packaging of the aluminum profile stronger. Working with the orbital stretch wrapper can reduce great work load and make it easier to wrap the whole bundle.

3. Label: There will be a label on the outside of each big tie packaging to indicate the manufacturing location of the product, the name of the manifest, the length, the quantity, and the name of the consignee.

4. Special packaging:

Metal lifting frame: In order to make it easier to unload goods, a metal lifting frame can be built.

Wooden box packaging: This service is mostly used by customers who need to send bulk goods. In order to prevent aluminum profiles from being crushed by other heavy goods during transportation, it is recommended that customers who need to send bulk goods use wooden boxes. Among them, packaging in wooden boxes in some countries requires fumigation.



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