Premium pallet stretch wrap robot for sale


pallet stretch wrap robot for sale

The self-propelled type pallet stretch wrap machine is not limited by the size and weight of the pallet, and can pack a pallet in one minute. Once Charging can pack 200 pallets at a time, which is easy to move and can be assembled by a single person. The function parameters can be seen directly on the control panel of the machine. The bottom and top stretch winding 0-10 circles, can be up and down reciprocating, single lower, single upper, middle fixed position reinforcement, can also manually select the working mode, mold base up and down speed 1,3,5,4 M / min, live eye induction delay.

Self-propelled pallet stretch wrap robot adopts stretch film, which is suitable for pallets packing of any form, weight and size. It is suitable for the packaging requirements of container storage, beverage of cans and bottles, transportation and mechanical loading and unloading of goods. Widely used in foreign trade and export, food and beverage. In addition, it can prevent the damage of goods in the process of transportation, and play the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning.

The following parameters can be adjusted from the operation panel:

  1. Top wrapping number, bottom wrapping number, back and forth wrapping number;
  2. The rising and falling speed of the membrane support, the walking speed of the machine;
  3. Emergency stop switch, pause switch, power display;
  4. The speed and tension of the membrane stand are adjusted from the knob on the membrane stand;
  5. The charging plug is located outside the machine for convenient docking;
  6. Warning light for machine operation;
  7. Walking speed 60m / min;


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