180 degree turning machine for flipping over pallet loads


The 180-degree turning machine (up-ending machine) is suitable for heavy objects like pallet cargo, skid loads of various specifications to meet the needs of rotating objects 180 degrees. It can greatly reduce labor and improve work efficiency. It can also be connected to a power transmission line to become a complete packaging system.

180 degree turning machine for pallet and skid

180 degree turning machine for pallet and skid

Basic features of the 180 degree turning machine:

  • Customized design, able to rotate objects of different specifications smoothly.
  • The unique tilter worktable design and pressing device make the object position fixed on the tilter to ensure safe and stable turning operations.
  • Special double-chain transmission, helical gear and worm reducer, make turning safe and reliable.
  • A reasonable four-roller device fixes the object, and the adjustment is stable and stable.
  • Independent electrical cabinet, safe and convenient operation.
  • Inverter control, fast, stable and safe.
  • The electrical and mechanical limit protection adopts the safe operation of the assignee.
  • The machine can stop at any angle during the rotation, and automatically stop after the rotation is completed.
  • In an emergency, an emergency stop can make the machine stop quickly.
  • Optional components: front-end power conveyor and back-end conveyor are optional; it can make the operation safe and convenient. The length and size can be customized according to needs.

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