Super large hydraulic upender for up-ending large molds and BOP valve bodies


injection mold turn over by hydraulic upender

The FZ series hydraulic upender is driven by one or two hydraulic cylinders to turn heavy products 90 degrees. the upender machine has two lifting tables for the loading of large objects like injection molds and BOP valve bodies. The tilter is also can be widely used in different industries, such as steel coils, aluminum coils, steel wire coils, copper coils, molds, paper coils, spools, etc. Making them safely flipped and change the directions of the products for further operation such as steel coil decoiling and annealling in furnace.

large hydraulic upender machine

large hydraulic upender machine

Machine’s characteristics:

  • The structure of the upender machine is firm and durable.
  • The hydraulic drive makes the turning operation more stable and reliable.
  • Multiple limit protection makes the machine safer.
  • Two-way back pressure technology to ensure a smooth transition during the movement of the object.
  • Independent remote control to ensure convenient and safe operation.
  • Smooth, accurate and vibration-free movement.
  • During rotation, the machine can stop at any angle.
  • After the rotation is completed, the machine will automatically stop.
  • It can be reversed to reset and work in cycles.
  • The emergency stop button can quickly stop the machine in an emergency.


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