How can a big pack be sealed and wrapped by heat shrink wrapping machine?


We often have the concern for wrapping large cartons or large bundles, it becomes more difficult when pack the objects by shrink wrapping.

Emanpack provides large sealing and shrink wrapping machine for packing products with large sizes and big bundles. The two side sealing devices assembled on the machine is for welding the two edges of the package and cut the surplus film or packing material. The package is fully sealed before into the heat tunnel for shrink wrapping. There is no leak of the package after shrinking.
The machine is a quite fit machine for packing large cartons which may contain furnituresm, beds, chair….. Also for long and big cardboard boxes and large bundles of stacked panels and doors as well as boards.
The giant chamber is for allowing large objects and the air circulation minimizes the loss of heat power and reduce the power consumption. Cooling system which blows the objects after shrinking, rapidly cooling down and make the package even tighter.

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