Carpet roll shrink wrap machine and carpet roll stretch wrap machine


In the market, there are two main catalogs of carpet: one is the hand-made woolen carpet and it’s down by 160 working procedures or processes. So far, we have 100 varieties of hand-made carpet including hand-made persian carpet, art pattern carpet, also antique carpet and floral carpet. They are good in quality as the firm and rich texture. various shapes and complete norms.

Carpet rolls packing

Carpet rolls packing

The carpet rolls are packed by carpet roll shrink wrap machine which provided by Emanpack. It’s a shrink wrap machine which forms a bag for the carpet roll and seals it automatically before into the shrink oven. The whole process is fully automatic with continuous motion. Heat sealing blade and side sealer weld the package without any leak. The wrapped package is able to protect the carpet roll away from moisture and vapor. It’s also can against dust and damp environment during the warehousing.

Carpet rolls shrink wrapping

Carpet rolls shrink wrapping


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