Door shrink wrapping machine can be the ideal packaging equipment for the next few years


Although many environment activists blow us the idea that plastic is bad and toxic to the environment, but still for many areas and situations we need plastic package.

The wooden door package is a good example to explain the reason to us. First of all, unpacked doors are vulnerable to get damaged by vapor or scraped during transportation or stock. These damages will make the products less easy to be sold. So it can be a loss of profit from the large scope.

But if we package the doors by plastic film, there will be no wet products anymore and the scratch will be less or eliminated. What if we shrink the package after it’s fully sealed. Well, the package definitely will be tighter and nicer. It will have a better looking and stunning feature which will lead to a better sale in the market.

The door sealing and shrink wrapping machine is very practical but functional, it consumes less electricity and bring high capacity to your packing line and reduce the costs for labor and management.

So, for the next few years, the shrink wrapping machine will still have it’s importance and necessary for various products such as door, panel, boards……. We can not have a total ban on plastic packaging, because there would be more waste and bad to environment in a different way but the same consequence.


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