The best way to keep steel sheet and steel studs away from rust and stain


steel studs bundle wrapping machine

For most steel products manufacturers, the rust to their products is a headache problem because the stained products are not easy to sell out again. Vapor, rain, salt, acid, dust…all the pollutant can cause the rust to happen. However, normal steel related products such as steel sheets and steel studs are even more vulnerable to rust.

How can we keep them clean and away from the rust? How can we make them sealed to stop the contact with moisture and dust?

Maybe you can check the machine in the below video first:

This is an orbital wrapper machine with automatic control system for unmanned operation to keep wrapping long shape steel related products such as steel sheets of roofing material, steel studs in large bundles. The machine has top press roller and side protective rollers to clamp and hold the bundles during stretch wrapping but not to deform the products.

The stretch wrapped bundles are sealed and tightly packed. Owers can keep them in the warehouse for longer time without worries of dust and rust damages.



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