Water pipe coil winding packaging machine


hose coil wrapper machine

The hose roll packaging machine adopts the most advanced design and can be widely used for packaging various plastic tubes, wire rolls, cable rolls, tires and other circular objects. It can effectively protect your products, play the role of waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, anti-damage and anti-aging. The operation is simple, the packaging is beautiful, and the packaging efficiency is high.

hose coil wrapping machine

hose coil wrapping machine

The basic characteristics of the machine:

1 Double rollers, safer and more stable use of the machine;

2 The overlap rate can be adjusted according to specific requirements;

3 The height of the center of the swivel can be adjusted;

4 The tension of the packaging material is adjustable;

5 Different packaging materials can be selected;

6Using upper and lower rollers to fix coils, coils, tires, etc.

7Idle roller covered with wear-resistant material polyurethane.

9 Independent electrical box for safe operation, technical testing and troubleshooting.

10 The machine is reinforced with guardrails for safe operation.

11Slow start and slow stop function to ensure safe operation and extend the service life of the machine.

12 The speed of the rotating ring and the speed of the roller can be adjusted by the frequency converter, just turn the button.

13Packing time is set on the control panel and stops automatically when it arrives.

14. Reinforced aluminum ring and machine structure are firm and stable with long service life.

15 The machine has a simple structure and is very convenient for operation and maintenance.



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