Steel strip wrapping machine packing steel belts and wire coils etc


steel coil wrapping machine packing steel strip coils

The steel strip wrapping machine is suitable for packaging steel strip coils in a horizontally laid state. It can be widely used in the metallurgical industry. Packing products include steel strips, copper strips, coils, etc., which can well protect objects from dust, water, rust and scratches. The machine can be equipped with a conveyor and coil upender to become a complete packaging line to realize automatic packaging procedure.

steel strip coil wrapping machine

steel strip coil wrapping machine

The steel strip packaging machine is custom-designed by Emanpack for the metallurgical and plastic industries, and can be also used for packing steel coils, wire coils, pipe coils, etc. The coiled rolls are packed neatly, which is convenient for marketing and transportation. We provide a variety of options for the most diverse needs.

The basic characteristics of the wrapping machine:

1. Highly automated; safe and convenient operation,

2. This machine uses all the electrical components of well-known brands.

3. The overlap of the packaging tape can be adjusted by the inverter.

4. The horizontal height of the rotating ring can be adjusted according to different coil sizes.

5. The tension of the strapping can be adjusted.

6. The upper and lower support rollers can be used to fix the coil.

7. The support roller is covered with wear-resistant material polyurethane.

8. Independent electric box to ensure safe operation.

9. The independent material rack and cutter device make the packaging more effective.

10. Realize automatic cutting of packaging materials during the packaging process.

11. PLC and HMI system can be used for automatic program setting.



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