Rebar steel bar wrapping machine


steel bar stretch wrapping machine

The steel bar wrapping machine is specially designed for the steel bar industry. It can automatically wrap steel bars or pipes in bundles through protective materials (for example, plastic tape, VCI film, etc.), so as to ideal protect your products during use during storage, loading and unloading and transportation without damage. This packaging machine replaces traditional manual packaging with efficient machine packaging, and is becoming more and more popular in the modern metallurgical industry.

Basic Features:

1. Features of packing station:

  • Packing method: spiral packaging, automatic rotating ring packaging
  • Swivel ring: Reinforced aluminum cast solid ring
  • Drive wheel: polyurethane rubber
  • The friction between the wheel and the ring gear: can be adjusted by the belt tension adjuster
  • Packaging material tension: can be adjusted by stripping device
  • Protection device: protective cover
  • Packing method: the degree of overlap of packaging materials is adjustable (10%-90% optional)
  • The separate electrical control box is easy to operate and safe
  • The upper pressure roller and side protection roller on the feeding and discharging conveyor belt are driven by air cylinders or winding handles

2. Characteristics of conveying system:

  • Structure: PU coated conveyor can protect the product surface
  • Conveying method: electric feeding and discharging
  • The input and output of the product are driven by a motor with a gear box
  • Conveyor: anti-wear, durable
  • Object positioning: sensor inspection

3. Automatic manipulator function:

  • Working method: automatic feeding and cutting of packaging materials
  • Automatic pointer is controlled by sensor and PLC
  • The clamping device can hold the next packaging material
  • The structure of the automatic hand is designed according to the packaging material

4. Features of PLC control system:

  • Used for automatic packaging operations
  • Independent electrical cabinet for safe operation
  • Photoelectric sensor can locate products
  • The indicator light shows the occurrence of the fault
  • The action time of the pressing device is adjustable


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