Sleeve sealing shrink wrap machine for bottles on trays


beverage tray sleeve shrink wrapping machine

1. Using international advanced control components, stable and durable performance;
2. The sealing knife adopts a special design, the sealing is firm, does not crack, and does not stick to the knife;
3. Automatic feeding, alignment, pushing, film feeding, sealing and cutting;
4. Stepless mechanical speed regulation to adjust the speed of the feeding conveyor belt;
5. It can be packaged in 2 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows and other bottomless combinations according to requirements, and it can be completed through the control panel switch when changing the packaging method;
6. The operation is convenient and simple, and it can be completed in 2-3 minutes after changing different specifications;
7. The automatic feeding device can be designed according to different bottle types;
8. The direction of the feeding conveyor belt can be designed as left feeding or right feeding according to customer needs;
9. Suitable for PE shrink film

Technical features:
1. The upper and lower power supply inductive proximity switches are controlled to effectively prevent the package from being cut by mistake, while ensuring the safety of operation;
2. High-performance Omron PLC plays a key role in the stable and reliable operation of the whole machine;
3. The perfect combination of Omron AC contactor and high-power solid-state adjustment, coupled with smart meters, makes the system temperature more accurate and greatly extends the service life;
4. The high-power continuously variable speed system ensures the quality of conveying;
5. The upper and lower hot air circulation system ensures the perfect packaging effect at one time;
6. Set up PID temperature controller to save energy in temperature control;
7. The equipment adopts the automatic control system, the production process is stable and reliable, and it can adapt to long-time work without stopping the machine;
8. The PLC programmable control system is adopted to ensure the accuracy and stability of the packaging process control.


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