Inline pallet stretch wrapper conveyorized for integration


fully automatic inline pallet wrapper

Product Usage:
This machine uses LLDPE stretch film as the main packaging material to wrap bulk goods stacked on pallets. After wrapping and packaging, the goods are more stable, beautiful and tidy, and can play the role of dustproof, anti-scattering, anti-theft, and convenient import and export.

Basic Features:

  1. Fully automatic unmanned operation.
  2. Manual/automatic working mode selection.
  3. Feeding, filming, winding, film cutting, filming, discharging, storage, etc. are all automated by machinery.
  4. It adopts PLC microcomputer control and HMI touch screen operation.
  5. Frequency conversion speed regulation, multi-stage speed, slow start, slow stop function.
  6. It has various protection functions such as overload and overcurrent.
  7. In the event of failure, film breakage, film shortage, or the object exceeds the length, it will automatically stop and alarm.
  8. Independent control system, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  9. Robust body design, reasonable mechatronics combination.
  10. It can be used with palletizer and top film machine.
  11. Conveyorized inline pallet stretch wrapper, stable and fast.


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