new technology of pallet stretch wrapping machine

Adjustment of photoelectric switch of pallet wrapping machine


The pallet wrapping machine is a device that detects objects through photoelectric sensors and wraps objects. In this process, the role of photoelectricity should not be underestimated, especially in the first test machine, the adjustment

For wrapping light products loaded on pallet, platen to fix the goods steady

The pallet stretch wrapper with a top press platen


Sometimes, we will have light products such as foam and toys in cartons which are loaded on wooden or paper pallet. Waiting to be wrapped for products protection during transportation and warehousing. If there is

Turntable Stretch Film Pallet Wrapper

Automatic Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine


Intelligent remote control a key to complete Equipped with intelligent remote control device DriveX, workers do not need to get off the truck, with just one button, to complete the automatic packaging process, a remote