Why are the prices of automatic pallet wrapping machines so different?


Skills of choosing the perfect stretch wrapping machine

As a sales person, I received many calls from customers asking about the automatic pallet wrapping machine. The first sentence of the most people was the price, and they ended the call after getting the price that was not what they expected. In fact, the price of the automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine is affected by many factors. Next, we will take you to understand what are major factors that affect the price.

The first is the configuration, electrical configuration, and mechanical configuration. If you want to ensure the applicable stability and life of the equipment, it is undoubtedly a good way to choose branded accessories, and this is also an important factor affecting the price. A brand PLC and frequency converter are better than domestic frequency converters in terms of stability. Much, and their price difference is often one or two times. Not to mention the configuration of the motor, the price difference is even greater. Therefore, the electrical configuration will determine the price of a piece of equipment, and more importantly, it will determine the quality of a piece of equipment, blindly pursuing low prices, then it is destined to not have good quality.

Automatic pallet wrapping machine

The second is the function, whether the equipment is fully automatic or semi-automatic, mechanical film breaking or thermal film breaking, and whether the safety device of the equipment is complete. These functions can help us to be more efficient when applying the pallet wrapping machine. On the other hand, safety is also guaranteed.

The last is service. A device will have some failures more or less during the application process, and it may be difficult for us to deal with it if there is no after-sales service. Therefore, the after-sales service of the equipment is regarded as an invisible value included in the price. If you are greedy for cheap, then these invisible things may be deleted.

From the above, we can understand that the price of the equipment is mainly determined by the cost of materials, functions and services. You get what you pay for. We should understand this truth when choosing. It is unrealistic to get a good product at a low price. How can there be so many high-quality products at low prices?



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