Luggage wrapping machine used at airport


Luggage wrapping machine used at airport

The luggage wrapping machine is specially designed for packing suitable, luggage at the airport. Play a protective role in the process of luggage transportation to prevent damage, replacement, etc. The equipment can be moved, and the operator puts the luggage on the turntable and adjusts the position of the vertical bar according to the size of the luggage. Then press the start button on the operation panel, and the equipment will automatically pack, usually 3-5 layers of luggage.

The machine uses stretch film as the wrapping material, and the special requirement of the stretch film is it must achieve industrial standards.

The current stretch film on the market mainly uses LLDPE as the raw material, and the stretch film made has the characteristics of good tensile properties, strong retraction, high transparency, good puncture resistance, good self-adhesiveness and low unit consumption, it can make the really protective package and airtight package for the luggage. Whether it is used for collective product packaging or cargo pallet packaging, it can achieve the purpose of moisture-proof, dust-proof, reduce labor, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Generally speaking, the stretch film on the market is divided into two types: hand-use and machine-use. The machine-use stretch film is better than Hand stretch film and is more expensive:

Different tensile strength: The stretch film is mostly made by the casting process, and the industrial stretch film is made of polypropylene mixed with metallocene, which has the characteristics of high tensile strength and good puncture performance. The stretching ratio is 2.5-4 times, the stretching rate is 300%, and the product is stable, especially the film thickness is uniform, so the use of stretch film can ensure low unit consumption and reduce overall costs. While the hand use film is made of polyethylene raw materials or recycled materials, easy to stretch, the stretch rate of the handmade film is 0-150%.



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