Giant steel coil wrapping machine with new design


Giant steel coil wrapping machine with new design

The present utility model provides a large-scale automatic winding packaging machine for steel coil wrapping, a unique rotating power mechanism and conveying device, which can provide power for the conveying and rotation of large electric coils, and the ejection device and the rotating guide device are designed to rotate. The guiding device is installed on the rotating power mechanism, which can guide the rotation of the large coil. The bottom of the bearing platform is equipped with pulleys and sliding rails. The ejector device is installed in the middle of the rotating power device. This packaging machine can automatically convey and wind smoothly. The coil, automatically ejects the wound coil, and realizes the automatic packaging of large electric coils.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical scheme of the present utility model is as follows:

Large-scale automatic winding and packaging machine, including frame, rotating winding device, rotating power mechanism, bearing table, conveying device, rotating guide device, ejector device, control device, rotating winding device is installed on the frame, and the bottom of the frame is equipped A conveying device perpendicular to the frame, the conveying device is arranged perpendicular to the frame, a bearing platform is installed on the conveying device, a rotary power mechanism is installed on the bearing platform, and a set of rotary guide devices are respectively provided on the upper part of the rotary power mechanism and below the frame.

An ejection device is provided in the middle of the rotary power device, the rotary power device includes two rotating main shafts, two rotating rollers, a driving gear, a driven gear, a chain, a rotating power device, and a rotating main shaft mounting bearing, and the bearing platform. There is a concave bearing groove in the middle of the bearing groove, and two rotating spindles are arranged horizontally in the bearing groove. One end of the rotating spindle is installed in the bearing groove through a bearing, and the other end is installed with a driving gear or a driven gear. On the main shaft, the driving gear and the driven gear are connected together by a chain, and the driving gear is also connected with the rotating power device.


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