Reciprocating ring and coil wrapping machine steel coil packaging machine


Reciprocating ring and coil wrapping machine steel coil packaging machine

The coil wrapper series reciprocating packaging machine is a new type of wrapping equipment designed and manufactured for the metallurgy and rubber industries. It is used in steel belts, copper belts, aluminum belts, steel wires, bearings, welding wires, cables, tires, hoses and others. Winding packaging of various ring objects. After wrapping and packaging, not only the appearance of the product is beautiful and generous, but also has good functions such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-rust, anti-aging, and anti-accidental damage.

This machine has the advantages of high safety, fast packaging speed, wide packaging range and easy operation. It is your best choice to improve work efficiency, save working time, reduce product packaging costs, and improve product quality.

Machine Features:

  • Using PLC microcomputer control and man-machine dialogue touch screen.
  • Easy to operate, just input the outer diameter, inner diameter, and width of the product, and the PLC system will automatically calculate the packaging length and number of turns.
  • Frequency conversion control, can adjust the overlap degree of the packaging tape as needed.
  • Automatic positioning, automatic cutting and manual cutting
  • Manual/automatic working mode selection.
  • Equipped with tape sticking device.
  • Reciprocating operation.
  • The tightness of the packing belt is adjustable.
  • Idle roller and guard roller are both encapsulated with high pressure-resistant polyurethane.
  • The height of the slip ring is adjustable.
  • Safe, convenient and small footprint.

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