Compare the stretch film wrapping machine to manual wrapping tool


Compare the stretch film wrapping machine to manual wrapping tool

Stretch film is also called elastic film or stretch wrap. There are two types of stretch film wrapping equipment: “manual hand tool” and “stretch film wrapping machine”. Manual hand tool only needs a hand-held winding rack with damping brake, and one person holds the stretch film roll around the package, which is light and portable. Flexible and adapt to local conditions. The stretch film wrapping machine should be used for packaging with batches, and the stretch film wrapping machine is performing with high production efficiency, uniform appearance, good packaging quality and fast speed.

Advantages of stretch film wrapping machine:

1. Using double-layer co-equipment, the compressed wrapping machine can maximize all the characteristics of each polymer, its transparency, tensile strength, anti-perforation strength, and the optimal state when it reaches the melting point.

2. It has good tensile properties, good transparency and uniform thickness.

3. Longitudinal extensibility, good resilience, good transverse tear resistance, and excellent self-adhesive lap.

4. Environmentally friendly recyclable materials, tasteless, non-toxic, and can directly package food.

5. Single-sided viscous products can be manufactured to reduce noise during winding and stretching, and reduce dust and sand during transportation and storage.

6. The product specification can be arbitrarily slitting width between 150mm-200mm.

The automatic pallet wrapper control system is composed of the core control unit PLC and the man-machine interface for operation.

1. The automatic pallet wrapper adopts high-quality guide pulleys, which effectively solves the problem of the wear of ordinary plastic pulleys and the jamming of PP belts.

2. The high-strength blade with a hardness of 65 greatly improves the cutting ability and the life of the blade.

3. Resin casters, more convenient for mechanical movement, the casters will not be deformed under long-term load.

4. Aluminum alloy frame, the body shell adopts a combined structure, the carton packer can determine the size of the bow frame according to the size of the package.

5. All parts are precision processed with NC processing equipment. The durability of the parts of the automatic baler and the unification of the connection action are well guaranteed.


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