A new handling method of pallet changers


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Pallet changers are the machines which responsible for making it easier to exchange the pallet and tray at the bottom of palletized loads. It usually has the rotating part which will take the palletized loads together to invert pallet and reserve the top and bottom. That’s the common way for its pallet changing function. But today, we want to introduce a new method of pallet changing, that is the clamping method.

Clamping method might be the easiest way to replace the tray or pallets so far. Pallet changers using the clamping method can work either as one independent equipment or integrated into logistics systems as a key element. The pallet exchangers are customized to work with either manual or electric pallet trucks. The side walls clamp the load, then the pallet will be lowered by the pallet truck. Pallets can now be changed quickly and easily. When it’s integrated in the material flow system, the pallet exchanging are done by lift conveyors. The pallet changers with the clamping method neither flip nor tilt the load, very suitable for fragile products or unstable loaded goods.

The pallet changers with clamping method is especially suitable for goods with stable pressure, flat stacking and no gap. This type of pallet changer can be very attractive with its low price and ease of application. The clamping platens are used to clamp the stacked goods from both sides and hold them in place. The tray and pallets are then lowered and removed by pallet truck or pallet jack. Therefore, it can be easily replaced by any other load carrier. This procedure is recommended to replace pallets of insensitive goods such as cardboard boxes, drink boxes or crates. Pallets on this machine can be moved and replaced by electric or pallet trucks. Alternatively, we can upgrade it with fully automatic design for handling the pallets and trays using conveyor lines.



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