Features of bearing packaging machine



1. The control unit is composed of a servo motor, a servo drive and a large screen display. The control accuracy is extremely high. The intelligent control system makes all parameters easy to set and precise lock. The locking of bag forming and cutting length\sealing temperature is locked. To be more precise

2. The servo system replaces the traditional mechanical film feeding system, simplifies the mechanical structure, makes the packaging machine run more smoothly, daily maintenance is more convenient and simple, reduces the technical requirements of the operator, and reduces the noise. Running machine. The failure rate is greatly reduced;

3. The surface is sprayed, the color is soft, the texture is comfortable, the texture is hard, the grade is elegant, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, collision resistance, suitable for long-term use under harsh and harsh conditions.

4. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, reduce cost and improve cost performance.

5. Optional equipment: accessories, such as coding machine and automatic punching machine.



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