Stainless steel packaging machines used in harsh environment


Turntable Stretch Film Pallet Wrapper

In many industry such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage, it’s required to keep the objects, machines and products clean all the time, so the equipment and workspace are needed to be washed down to remove the particles which can make problems to the performance. The environment is wet with high humidity which will result to the slippery floor and stain of the machines.

But even in such harsh environment, the automation and machinery are still important to improve the work efficiency and make a higher profit rate. The repetitive tasks such as hand wrapping pallets is able to be replaced by the automatic stretch wrapping machines. The stainless pallet wrapper is able to be made with the special customization. It will pack the pallets load before shipping to increase the loadability and reduce the risks of falling goods and cargos, less damage and more profits.

Emanpack stainless steel semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper can be the ideal option for processing in wet or cold operation environment. This pallet wrapper is fully made by stainless steel not just a stainless coating.

There is also stainless steel construction of case tapers or so called carton sealer which specifically designed for working in these environment and industries with the stainless steel pallet wrappers.

There is a wide range of stretch wrapper and case sealing equipment solutions in Emanpack, if you are interested, please visit our website and find more.



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